I [[t]stɪ̱l[/t]] ADVERB USES
1) ADV: ADV before v, ADV group If a situation that used to exist still exists, it has continued and exists now.

I still dream of home...

Brian's toe is still badly swollen and he cannot put on his shoe...

If you don't like the job, why are you still there?...

There are still doubts about the final signing of the two treaties.

2) ADV: ADV before v If something that has not yet happened could still happen, it is possible that it will happen. If something that has not yet happened is still to happen, it will happen at a later time.

Big money could still be made if the crisis keeps oil prices high...

We could still make it, but we won't get there till three...

The details have still to be worked out...

Still to come, the financial news and the weather at a quarter to two.

3) ADV: be ADV n If you say that there is still an amount of something left, you are emphasizing that there is that amount left.

Bardi coloured the milk with the slightest touch of coffee, of which there was still plenty...

There are still some outstanding problems...

There's still time to catch up with them.

4) ADV: ADV before v You use still to emphasize that something remains the case or is true in spite of what you have just said.

I'm average for my height. But I still feel I'm fatter than I should be...

Despite the ruling, Boreham was still found guilty.

5) ADV: ADV with cl You use still to indicate that a problem or difficulty is not really worth worrying about.

Their luck had simply run out. Still, never fear...

`Any idea who is going to be here this weekend?' - `No. Still, who cares?'

6) ADV: ADV n/adv (emphasis) You use still in expressions such as still further, still another, and still more to show that you find the number or quantity of things you are referring to surprising or excessive.

We look forward to strengthening still further our already close co-operation with the police service...

Why did the bank not conduct its own audit before lending still more?

even, yet
7) ADV: ADV with compar (emphasis) You use still with comparatives to indicate that something has even more of a quality than something else.

Formula One motor car racing is supposed to be dangerous. `Indycar' racing is supposed to be more dangerous still.

stiller, stillest, stills, stilling, stilled
1) ADJ-GRADED: ADJ after v, v-link ADJ, ADJ n If you stay still, you stay in the same position and do not move.

David had been dancing about like a child, but suddenly he stood still and looked at Brad...

He played the tape through once, then sat very still for several minutes...

He recalled her still face and the hurt in her eyes when he had refused her help...

Gladys was still, then she shook her head slowly.

2) ADJ-GRADED If air or water is still, it is not moving.

The night air was very still...

He watched the still water over the side of the boat.

3) ADJ Drinks that are still do not contain any bubbles of carbon dioxide.

...a glass of still orange.

fizzy, carbonated
4) ADJ-GRADED If a place is still, it is quiet and shows no sign of activity.

In the room it was very still.

quiet, tranquil
Derived words:
stillness N-UNCOUNT

Four deafening explosions shattered the stillness of the night air.

5) V-ERG If a sound stills or is stilled, it becomes quiet. [LITERARY]

Her crying slowly stilled...

The roar of the crowd stilled to an expectant murmur...

[be V-ed] The people's voice has been stilled.

6) N-COUNT: oft N n A still is a photograph taken from a cinema film which is used for publicity purposes.
III [[t]stɪ̱l[/t]] EQUIPMENT
A still is a piece of equipment used to make strong alcoholic drinks by a process called distilling.

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